Frequently Asked Questions

How do get to Central Indiana Vascular Care?

Coming from Interstate 65. Take Greenwood Exit 99. Head West on Main Street. Turn right onto Emerson Ave. Head North on Emerson Ave. Turn right onto Emerson Parkway. We are in the building on the right.

Coming from the northside. Take Emerson Ave south pass the County Line intersection. Head South to Emerson Parkway. Turn left on Emerson Parkway. We are in the building on the right.

Coming from the west side. Head East on County Line Rd. Turn right onto Emerson Ave. Head South on Emerson Ave. Turn left on Emerson Parkway. We are in the building on the right.

How long is the office visit and what does it involve?

Typically, an office visit takes 30 minutes. During the visit, we perform a non-invasive screening for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) called QuantaFlo. Also, at the initial office visit, we will perform an ultrasound if necessary.

Do I unwrap my legs or take off my compression socks before my appointment?

Yes. To understand the complexity of your disease or diagnosis, we do not want any compressions to be applied to your legs for 24 to 48 hours prior to your appointment. Compressions can give a false-negative result, which would change the true treatment plan needed.

If you have wounds that are unable to be uncovered, wearing dressings to your appointment is acceptable and we will unwrap and rewrap your legs following the appointment.

What do I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring your driver’s license, current insurance card, and updated medication list.

How long will my procedure take?

Depending on what procedure, the time spent in our office may vary.

Venous ablations will take around an hour in total.

During deep vein and angiogram procedures, you should expect to be at our office at least six hours of the day, if not longer.

For fistula procedures, you anticipate being at the office for at least two hours or more.

Do I need a ride for my procedure?

Yes, any procedure requiring twilight sedation will require a ride to and from our office. This includes deep venograms, angiograms, port, placements, fistulgrams, and declots.